How to maintain your phones and laptops battery
Charging a phone 

There have always been a debate on if it is good to charge one's mobile phones to %100 whenever we decide to charge it, some prefers to charge it to %100, and charge whenever the battery is about to shutdown, this  is also same to laptop batteries, some people always wait for the battery to reach the %100 before the are satisfied the phone is. charged, the battery will only continue to loose it's strength. Here are some tips we should know on how to maintain our phones and laptops battery.

We should always make sure the charger is unplugged whenever it reaches %100, so that the battery won't be weak in time, it's even preferred not to plug our phones overnight, it's even best not to charge your phone to %100, you can unplug when it reaches %80 or %90, the truth is that high voltage tends to stress battery.

It is better to charge your battery occasionally instead of charging them for a longer period when the battery is down, according to a battery company li-ion once explain that battery doesn't need to be fully charged,

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