MyBinancestories| My experience on Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform

I am among those who regret not investing in bitcoin back in the days when it started, when it was only sold for $1, and now currently selling around $7629, which we could describe competes with gold.
I am very new to the cryptocurrency world, and thanks to the help of Steemit, a social media that rewards it's users with cryptocurrency such as sbd and steem whenever they post a content, thanks to @ned for exposing more people to cryptocurrency, I heard about Steemit back in January 2018, and for the first time I made money online creating my own work on my blog.
As time goes on the steem blockchain I was also interested on knowing other cryptocurrencies, and I am every doing many researches online how I can earn bitcoin, etherium, and litecoin, the three coins I mentioned as dominated the blockchain so far, in my journey searching for how to earn free bitcoin online i came across Binance, I took time to know how Binance works and I was much interested to sign up on the exchange platform, there are also other exchange platform out there but I discovered there are lot of opportunities on binance, you can earn cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, etherium, litecoin and many more whenever you refer your friends to join the platform.
The most amazing thing that happened since I joined the platform was the gift of 1 bnb that I got from them, bnb is a coin created on the platform it is currently sold at $16.51 today in market and it's seeing some growth in the past 24hrs, I was happy and I quickly made some trade to boost the reward on the platform,
Binance gave me the edge to trade other cryptocurrencies provided on their platform, currently I have traded steem with bitcoin there and at a time I have also converted all my coins to BNB coin, Binance is easy to use, the transactions I make on the platform doesn't take time to deliver, their security it top notch, they use Google authentication, on their Mobile app a pattern is optional if you wish, which will make it hard for hackers to hack into your account.
I have much hopes on earning on the platform through the referral links and code provided for me, I was excited when I heard the referral bonus was increased to 40%. On my presence on the Binance platform I have created some articles about Binance, the platform is already popular but, I want to also contribute I the growth of the platform

see below

So far I am still working on creating more article, to provide some helpful tutorials for those who are just joining the platform, a youtube video can eventually happen too, and am also looking forward to that.
So far i haven't regret choosing Binance as my number 1 in the list of cryptocurrencies exchange, and am willing to have a great journey with Binance. here is my experience on Binance. #mybinancestories.
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