You can now convert your airtime into cash using

Have you ever imagine if it could be possible to turn your airtime credits into cash, if so your guts are coming into reality with zoranga, the website came into the game adding more value to your airtime, you can now purchase online with your airtime and can also be converted into cash to your bank accounts, this process is fast and reliable.
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The registration process on the website is fast and easy, setting up your account to make payment to your customers with airtime and the transfer payment to your bank accounts are charged at low rate.
Whenever you made a mistake in loading an airtime, more than what you want to load, you don't need to feel upset all you just need to do is visit your account at, to convert them back to cash, you can also receive payments in form of airtime from customers on, you can take time to check zoranga fees.
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How to set up your zoranga in Nigeria

  • Visit the website and click create account and sign up.
  • On your dashboard Click “deposit money” Choose from the available means of deposit.
  • The available options are: deposit using airtime PIN, deposit with MTN Share not sell or 9mobile transfer.
  • Values will be credited to your account on zoranga within few seconds and it will be available an live for transfer to your Bank account or any other account you wish.

You can now convert your airtime into cash using You can now convert your airtime into cash using Reviewed by Tijani idris on April 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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