Story time: My instagram love episode 1

By Oladepo Bukunmi

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It all started while i was in my year 3 in school. Prior to this year, i have dated over 27 girls in school both in campus and off campus. My quest to be one of the baddest among my friends gave me the drive to keep counting.
 I became the guru of women affairs among my friends i Was the alpha of women and their omega.While in year 2, standing under the hot sun queueing up to withdraw from the only atm dispensing when i heard a lovely voice that have never heard before in my whole life the voice was like pls sir can you help me withdraw?  With pleasure i replied abi who go neglect such beauty i said in my mind.
Then after, she told me her name was Funmi and we exchanged numbers. Funmi was a churchy girl, she spend most of her time in church this got me attracted to her with the big thought that i have finally found a wife no more bad boy life.
The only way i could attract Funmi's attention was to change my life style and follow her way, which she has always pleaded with me.
 I changed completely, i became the topic among my friends which was really hard to bear but Finding Funmi's heart was my quest. Straight up i began going to church, never missed midweek service no more clubbing and i had to quit smoking.
 I was too sincere with Funmi that I open up everything about me to her including my personal details. Funmi became a goddess in my life that i was not ready to let go. Meanwhile in all of this, i have been on funmi's neck asking her for a chance to be that one and only man in her life. She kept giving me hope that i should not be in haste that with time things will fall in place.
Finally ,2 months later Funmi finally gave me a yes.
she said, i love you and i will always love you don't make me regret my actions. Baby you know you are too special i will never hurt you i replied.
As a street boy, it was not easy to let go of those things i do. quitting smoking was a difficult one as i still smoke in my niqqas place once in a while but i had reduced my level of smoking.
Funmi when will you come spend the night in my place? After this word her face changed. What is the meaning of that one na? So i will now sleep over at your place? God forbid she said.
I don fuck up i said. I began begging her cause i can't stand loosing my God fearing wife. I can't hold it again oo i told my friends, this girl no want make i touch her  ooo. Another laugh started. I left them angrily on my way home, i remembered i have Jumoke and Fisayo..hmmm these two ehn before i request they serve me well. I brought out my phone call Jumoke because she was the best in handling me. She picked up and what i heard was 'you shey b you are now following omo jesu abi you don 4get us' this girl don miss my joystick i reasoned with smile. Why will i forget my love. Mind spending the night with you? She said yes with happiness.
It was 9pm, i locked my door took a bike to jumoke's  house. She welcomed me with the best smile ever. Baby have missed you  She said. We gisted till 10:30pm then we decided to sleep. Deep down in my mind Funmi's name kept on ringing like a bell. Na normal thing jare i said. My clothes were off i was left with only boxers while jumoke was on her nightgown which she knows turns me on than anything. Baby i miss you i said, i miss you too she replied. Jummy as i call her,she came closer to me playing with my belly button. Then i responded touching her nipple as i know that was her weakest point. She took off her night gown, left with her Whine pant, took mine off too then we began this great adventure. I felt have really missed alot. Jumoke's lips were sweeter than honey we began kissing, holding so tight, everything seems going on fine as i began hearing a nice sound have so much missed.
Suddenly, my phone rang. Jesus! this call can not spoil my mood ooo. I was not going to pick not until i remembered mumsea promised to call me. As i stretch to pick my phone, jumoke migrated from the top to the down. She was playing with my Joystick. This became more interesting but i had to pick up the phone. Surprisingly, Funmi Was the caller. Fear gripped me, my mood changed. Holy Spirit don tell this girl oo. I was scared to pick but i summon courage. Hello ma I said. All i heard was baby i want to surprise you am coming to spend the night with you and she dropped. Hello hello but the call was off. I checked the time it was 11 pm. I became dumbfounded.........

To be continued.....

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