10 ways to tackle boredom


Sometimes you may find yourself in a bored situation, a state whereby you are feeling tired, impatient
and you don't have any idea what to do.
Rather than being bored there are things you can do to overcome this kind of situation, I hardly find myself
getting bored because I always try to find things to do in that situation.
find something lucrative to do, listen to Ted talk, entertain yourself, keep your mind busy most times,
find someone to talk to, reading religious books like Quran, Bible, to refresh your mind works too, are
you finding your job boring or you are aiming for something even better, maybe something is holding 
you back on that.
On this post I am going to try and give you things to do, that can keep you busy rather
than getting you bored, at the end of this article you can try some of these, it might 
work for you in the process.

below are the 10 ways to tackle boredom 

1. Take a walk

This method here can be of a help when you are feeling bored, try taking a walk you may find it tired sitting down in one place all day, sitting down in one place even has so many side effects as blood keep pilling up at your waist an legs, it can even cause back pain, walk around the garden, look at nature, visit your friend nearby, don't just sit there let your blood circulate and by doing this you can't get bored.

2. read novels

You can start to cultivate the habit of reading novels, I love reading novels it develops your grammars and you also learn new things that benefit you from various authors, I love taking novel along with me sometimes you might find yourself in a reception where you will have to wait, you can use the time to read novels, there are varieties of novels you can download on your pc or your mobile phone, this method also helps you from getting bored.

3. write 20 creative things to do.

Take a pen and start writing down 20 creative things to do down, just write 20 down, you may end  up wasting papers because you will write some rubbish and that's normal, write things you can be doing to keep yourself busy and make you successful,  out of the 20 you have writing down you will surely find something useful out of it, this method can even help you to achieve your desires, I tried this and it really works for me.

4. Call your loved ones

You can take a stroll down your phone contact an call those who are close you, your family, friends, relatives, making conversations with them chatting with them on social media, such as Facebook, twitter Whatsapp, BBM channel, this can prevent you from being bored as you find something to do, in the new technology age you can make video call with them, on some of the listed above social media downloading their application.

5. Play Ludo, Checkers
This is interesting you can buy a ludo or checkers game if you don't have one, playing  this games is fun and challenging when playing with friends, which you need to be tactical when playing checkers game, playing this games might be addictive to some people, even scientifically games are said to develop the brain, playing games earns you friendship and you can never get bored while playing ludo or checkers

6. Start writing a story
Get a pen and start writing a story, writing a story is the art of creativity and thinking as you imagine something and you write it down, form a story, give your story a title  create characters for your stories and give them names when starting you may want to start with 'once upon a time', or back then 'when the Tiger used to smoke', sometimes you may even make comics for your stories if you can. there are online websites where you can submit the stories and also share it with friends.

7. Play video games
Trust me you will never get bored if you play video games, there are various types of gaming console you can play choose either of the likes of PlayStation, Xbox, nitendo. playing shooting games such as call of duty, adventure like assassin creed, and the most interesting part playing fifa soccer and pro evolution soccer selecting teams to start a competition, playing video games consumes time, which makes
it not bored type.

8. Listen to music
where there is silent can be bored sometimes, some people dislike where there is silent, playing music makes a place feel alive it kills dulling moments, listen to hip/hop music, rap music, Rnb, blues you can download it on your mobile phone or pc there are wide range of music of your choice online or go to stores to buy albums cd, make it lively and you won't get bored

9. Watch movies
whenever you feel bored try watching movies action movies, television series as there are so many lessons that can be learned watching movies, you can start by watching Game of throne television series from the first season
to the latest season or watch power, you can download them from o2tvseries apart from television series you can search the website to download latest movies online, this can be helpful as you won't get bored when watching an interesting movie.

10. List your goals achieved
You can try doing this it helps you to think of what next to do, rather than sitting down bored, write down
goals you have achieved in the past and present this helps you to plan for the future on what next to 
do, you may be planning on buying a car, or building a house, it gives you the motive of what should be
done in achieving all these goals as it was done in the past it's not easy but try these as it helps you from 
getting bored.

Back to you, if you find this article helpful please comment and share it with others

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