7 Ways To Mistakenly Ruin Your Life Before 25


have you ever been thinking like life is passing you by without any achievement and you are getting older each day even not doing meaningful and enjoyable things? you can make mistakes in life without not knowing how it will affect your future, here are the 7 ways to mistakenly ruin your life before 25.

1. To much of obsession with money
This happens to many people in early ages, money can become an addiction like anything else. It can control your life. even to be honest, it’s probably the only thing that at times has become an obsession in my life, yes with money no one is ever in the same situation but remember there are other things to worry about in life make time for friends families and do thing you enjoy because trust me you i'll never get another youth time twice.

2. gambling habbits
This can happen to anyone it started from fun, gambling is an unhealthy preoccupation which consequences are made within, no matter the medium chosen either you bet on sport, whots card, lotto, online bets, the more you play the more you become addicted if your gambling becomes a problem it can affect so many things in your life including financial and relationship.

3. Choosing a degree your parent wants and not your choice in University/Polytechnic
 This a common issue whereby you parent wants you to be an electrical engineer but you have so much passion for art and design, these ideas works for few but in the you should chose for yourself not what others think you should do.

4. Staying in an unhappy relationship
Try not to date someone because you never want to remain single again.be patient with these,be with someone who makes you happy, someone who challenges you and makes life meaningful and exiting to you. As you grow older each day, you will discover that being alone is much better than being in a relationship with the wrong person.

5. Living in fear of failure
We all have different definition of failure, simply based on different benchmarks and beliefs, the fear of failure can be immobilizing and cause us to act and do something and leading us backward and not moving forward to progress in life, many people have fear failure because they fear the unknown having a positive thinking can be a powerful way to build self-confidence and neutralize fear of failure. 

6. Drug addiction 
This can be a bad experience, as addiction is chronic, causing brain disease that leads to continuous requesting and drug seeking and use, despite the harmful consequences of the particular drug. It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain, no matter which hard drugs it is, they change its structure and how it works, it gradually destroy someones life physically and mentally and even makes you look older.
7. Expecting life to be fair for you
In this situation, thinking that life should be fair to you because you are a good person, my friend you are on your own, life is unpredictable you need to accept whatever comes in your way and adapt to every situation in life, you should be aware of the good the bad and the ugly side of life by the way.

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