Countries Where Police Don't Use Guns - And Its Working

In some developed countries such as Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and Britain, crimes are treated with a different strategies and seems to be working well, police in this countries whenever on a patrol are unarmed with firearms, they only introduce firearms on special circumstances.

The amazing part of it is that it has saved more life because they are unable to shoot during the process, this practices has been rooted to be tradition and believed that arming the police with firearms creates more gun violence than it prevents, that another case in Nigeria and other police armed countries due to their experience.

The population of Ireland is 6.3million, in Ireland most of the police don't know how to use guns only 20 to 25% of Irish police are qualify to use guns, most of the police won't know how to use gun if threatened, despite the facts Ireland has lowest crime rate than USA

In Britain Officers believes they are the guarding of citizens,which should be approach easily unarmed, 82% of police do not want to be armed, In the year 2013 there was not a single "justifiable homicide" committed in UK based on the FBI reports, despite the facts there has been a low record of crime in Britain so far between suspected criminals,

Iceland is a tiny country of population of 300,000 inhabitant in Iceland almost about one third of the are armed with shotguns and rifle for hunting in 2013 a police shot a man in Iceland which is the first time ever a firearm is used by a police to shoot someone in the history of the country.

Far back in the year 2011 Norway has suffered a tragedy that exposed there unarmed law enforcement policy when a gunman named Ander Breivic attacked a camp and killed 77 peoples, despite the facts they still believes the tradition of unarmed police has proven to be more stronger than the fear of terrorism.

New Zealand
New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, In new Zealand a professor once argued that it is more dangerous being a farmer than a police officer, it is believed that it is more safer for the police not to carry weapons around.
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